Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cruel Awakening

I just want to apologize to my downstairs neighbor (Kat) who most likely was startled awake at 5:30 this morning with a very loud crash and thought, "Sheesh! Did she just fall out of bed?!"

Yes. Yes, I did.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Somewhere in Provo there is a truck with a license plate that reads KAFEEN. It made me giggle and it made my car take an unplanned turn into the Taco Bell parking lot where I bought a large Mountain Dew.

Never attempt to say the word "orangey" even if you think it might be a cute nickname for a little orange water toy. Especially if you have an obvious speech impediment.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Good Day

I got my first 4.0 ever. A- free. A real 4.0.

And Liz had her baby. He's quite handsome.

I don't have to go to New York with my mom.

I'm doing well in practicum since I've given up sleeping.

I got to talk to Heather and Sandy and Julie yesterday. All people I love.

I ate ten little reese's peanut butter cups and chocolate milk for breakfast.

My "crash" apartment has air conditioning, DDR and a my laptop. All I need.

I get to play in the softball game today where I can show off my ability to iron on letters when I wear my new self-made jersey.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Last Call

So my baby brother graduated from High School. He graduated from the Wasthington State School for the Deaf. This is three hours from my parents' home. His graduation ended Thursday night around 8:30. Washington decided to show me exactly what not to miss about my homestate when it decided to dump sheets of rain, starting right before the ceremony started and getting worse and worse as the evening wore on. The car ride back to Seattle was horrible. My sister, an anxious individual, driving her new car drove past an accident on the highway and couldn't see three feet in front of her car. This validated her decision to drive 40mph. Quite frankly, I was okay with this. The rain was pretty bad. But the other drivers didn't think so and we almost got in several accidents ourselves when they had to swerve around our practically still vehicle. We got home at 12:30am.

Then my parents got there with the graduate himself who I hadn't seen for more than a half hour during my whole trip. So we talked until 1:30am. Apparantly I'm allergic to dogs and since dog hair covers everything in my parents' house from the potato salad to my pillow, I didn't have a very restful sleep.

My dad woke me up at 4:20am. We left at 4:45 and I walked through the airport doors at 5:05. It took me exactly 6 minutes to check in with Delta airlines and check my bag. I was on my way. Plane loads in 19 minutes, departing in 49. No problem. But then I ran into the security check.

There were six security gates with two scanners each leading to four terminals. One gate was open creating an excrutiatingly long line that brought flashbacks of previous visits to WalMart. (Tangent: Why on earth did they build 40 check-out lines at WalMart when even during the Christmas rush they refuse to open more than 5? Why?) When I had finally made my way near the front of the line (it was well past loading time) they decided to open up another security gate or two. I threw my bags in the little gray bin and walked through the metal detector. BEEP!
"Go back through please. Do you have any metal on you?"
"No. I really don't have anything!"
"Maybe your shoes."
"They're plastic!" I put my shoes on the belt and walked through again. Nothing.
"See?? Sometimes there are metal supports in shoes. That's why we tell you to take off your shoes!"
"Nobody told me to take off my shoes! Besides I thought we were supposed to take off our shoes because that one guy hid..."
"Oh, crap!!" If I miss this flight I miss my mandatory meeting completely which means I'll have no idea what to do with my students on Monday which means my grade goes down a letter.
I dropped my argument with the security guard and ran to the belt, grabbed my bags and quickly slipped on my shoes. My plane was in terminal A. The farthest terminal away. I began to run. I don't mean "airport walk." I mean hundred-yard dash RUN! I ran past terminal D on that moving sidewalk thing, past terminal C, through terminal B and into terminal A. A-1, A-2... I was supposed to be at A-18!!
"NO!!!! Wait!!!" I ran! People stopped to stare at the little white girl bolting through the airport. I wasn't wearing make-up. My hair wasn't brushed. My eyes were puffy with allergies and lack of sleep. I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink. This paired with running for a half mile made for quite the line-up for vertigo blackout. "Wait!!"
They waited. "Welcome aboard, Miss Hansen."
Gasp for air. "Thanks."

Monday, June 13, 2005

Final Exam

Do you ever finish your final way before everybody else does? And so you get worried that you did something wrong? And then look over your test two or three times to see if you could figure out what you did wrong? But can't find anything? So you just sit there pretending you're deep in thought waiting for somebody, anybody to get up before you and turn in their exam?

Ya, me either.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Human Again

I have reclaimed my weekends by quitting Kara's. Elementary school got out and I have regained my mornings. These two giant life-altering events have well... altered my life.

I now do my homework during the day. I get a full night's sleep. I'm getting caught up on a year's worth of backed errands. I know people. I play. I'm kicking trash in school again. And today... I finally convinced the teacher that hates me that I'm smart. The shocked look of a lost battle that crossed her face will forever be a treasured token in my heart.

I feel like I can do anything! And I will... muahahahaha!!