Saturday, November 17, 2007

Search and Give

Microsoft is offering a way for you to donate money without having to really do anything at all. By going to and doing your every day web searches you can aid an organization of your choice. Personally, I would love it if you would choose the school I work at (email me or post a comment if you're interested and I'll send you the name and zip code) but there are plenty of other organizations to choose from as well. Microsoft will donate up to ten cents a day (one cent a search for up to ten searches) which will really add up!

Also, you can use your same login (you can use your Hotmail account or create a new one) to play games at which will allow you to use the points you earn on prizes such as free movie tickets, music, frequent flier miles, Microsoft software, Zune, etc or you can donate your points to the charity you have chosen. Each point is a penny and most games give you about 20 points a game.

It only takes a second to sign up, the games are actually really fun and we do searches on the web every day anyway. I'd love it if you'd choose my school as we're in desperate need of some new technology.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I had a dream last night. I came across a Chihuahua puppy that looked
a lot like Taquito but had shorter legs and a shorter nose. She was
on sale in a pet store and I wanted her but I didn't like the idea of
buying from a pet store... puppy mills, you know? So I went home. I
came back to the store a few weeks later and she still wasn't sold. I
asked her if she was Chalupa and she jumped up and wagged her tail so
I bought her and took her home. When I got home I put her in
Taquito's crate because I didn't want her around him yet because I
knew that she might have mites or worms or something... puppy mills,
you know? So I called the vet and made an appointment and called mom
and dad and told them I was coming up and then I woke up.

Think it's a sign??

Did I mention that I woke up because Taquito woke me up? At 4am?
Because he refused to go to the bathroom at 10pm when I took him out?
So he had to go then? And he had the world's longest pee? And I had
a hard time getting back to sleep? So I'm exhausted?

Think it's a sign??

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sports Fan

I like being a sports fan. I wore my Seahawks jersey today and was greeted by all of these people who were instantly misconceived to believe that I a) knew the names of the players, b) had any idea what their jargon meant and c) could make an educated prediction for this evening's game. But it was fun. Really fun! I'd walk into a store and be greeted by 1 to 5 strangers as if I were an old friend. I even got high-fived! I got to pretend just for a second that I wasn't in a huge city where nobody knew my name but was instead in a small community that shared a common interest. And that felt kind of nice. Also, the Seahawks totally killed the 49ers! Woohoo!