Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Freudian Slips

Last week I was at the M's game with my dad, brother and my brother's friend. I brought some snacks and was eating some Nerds. (Well, more sorting than eating really... it was a slow game.) My dad turned to me and said, "I'll have some of those turds."

"I don't have any turds on hand but if you'd like some Nerds I can hook you up with a hand full."

Then a few days later, my mom let me know that she had made some mint brownies. "They even came with those little Anus chunks."


"You know, those little mint rectangles."

"You mean Andes??"

"Oh... yeah... I guess I forgot the d."

"Amongst other things..."

Also, a woman I work with looks almost exactly like Linda from The Wedding Singer. You know, Robbie's ex-fiance that left him at the alter. She even dresses like her. More to follow...