Wednesday, November 30, 2005

At Last

Yesterday I ate pumpkin pie.

You have no idea what a big deal this was. I have been craving pumpkin pie since Thanksgiving when it came to that point in the meal when we were supposed to eat it (it was on the shopping list!) and instead got a chocolate frosted brownie. I love chocolate brownies. But it was Thanksgiving. I needed pumpkin pie. Duh.

So I dragged Jay and Lisa from grocery store to grocery store, from restaurant to restaurant trying to find anybody that was open and had some pie. But nobody was open. Because it was Thanksgiving.

The next day I tried again. Surely, there would be plenty of discounted pumpkin pie the day after Thanksgiving. But there wasn't. Not one. So I bought pumpkin pie ice cream. And thought it would satisfy the lust. But it didn't. (Although it was very good.)

Obviously something had to be done. So, on Monday I went to Macey's and bought a small pumpkin pie and some whipped topping (a necessary companion) and brought it home. I planned on eating a large piece that night. But I was hungry and realized that my stomach so far contained only 2 Diet Pepsis and a Handi-Snack that I had found at the bottom of my backpack around 10am. I needed food.

I went to Taco Bell and waited through 5 songs (almost 20 minutes) for a pimply high-schooler to throw 5 ingredients together that would be my "real food dinner." By the time I got it, my stomach had actually turned inside out and had started eating my kidneys and liver so I had to scarf the food down as quickly as possible in order to save my other internal organs.

So I was full. Too full for pie.


I had to wait...

The next day (yesterday in case the time lapse was hard to follow) I ran home during my lunch break, ate a few tortilla chips and then went in for the kill. I ate a large piece of the small pie with a large gallop of whipped topping. And it was good. Very good.

At last.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Tomorrow morning at 8am (I think) I'll be taking a one or two (maybe
three?) hour test comprising of written and multiple choice questions
(I'm pretty sure) that will determine whether or not I will be a
licensed teacher for the coming school year.

If I don't pass, then the last year and a half will have been for
nought. And I'll just be out the over $15,000.

And yet, I'm not worried. I haven't even begun to study. Mostly
because I'm lazy and have lost the will to go on. Partly because my
professors keep saying it's no big deal.

I should probably at least make sure I know when the test starts...
that would be good.

It's So Extreme!

I have Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, two dance pads and a drive to
win! My memory card got corrupted somehow and I lost all of the
scores, characters and new songs I had gained over the last summer.
So, last Friday I bought a new memory card and started dancing my
heart out! I have put in about eleven hours of dance time on that
thing since then. I only have one character left.

This weekend... it's mine!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Dream Weaver

I had a dream last night that I went to the doctor and she told me that I had a fatal disease and only had a week and a half to live. Ten days.

When I woke up, I realized that I go home soon. In ten days.

Think there's a correlation?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

BS Royalty

Class was boring. We had to look at test results and then as a group classify (or give reasons for not classifying) a hypothetical student with a special education classification. I got voted as the "speaker" for our group because they said I said, "Uh... it depends..." in the most intelligent manner.

The teacher said she was impressed.

I sat down and starting reading blogs. Some were pretty funny and sometimes I chorkled out loud. Obviously not paying attention. There were six more groups to sit through... all the same... "Uh... it depends..."

I heard the teacher say, "Uh... what's her name?" Was she talking about me? I looked up. "Emily," they said. "Oh, Emily... what do you think about this?"

I had no idea what they were talking about. "Uh... well... let's see... well... like I said before, the numbers displayed here are all well and good and sure, they give us a good idea of what the child's cognitive ability is and a general idea of the knowledge they've acquired so far... but it's hard to say if the child has an actual learning disability based on these numbers alone. I mean, is it really a communication disorder or is it because the child is Spanish speaking and new to the country? Can this individual child benefit from special services or would it actually have negative effects taking him out of a general education classroom where he'll be exposed to a wider variety of opportunities to expand his vocabulary? It all comes down to knowing the child, observing him in class, asking his parents how he does at home and looking at his classroom work and behavior. Every child is different." (a.k.a "It depends...")

"Wow! You obviously has a lot of background knowledge in this sort of situation."


I turned to my neighbor, "Is that what we were talking about?"

"Yes. I didn't think you were paying attention."

"I wasn't."

Obviously, reading was too distracting. So I played some internet games that I could still kind of listen to what was being talked about in class. But not really. Because soon the room fell silent again and all eyes were on me again.

"My turn to talk again?"

The teacher nodded.

I said, "Uh... It depends..." using some other terms I pulled out of nowhere.

The teacher said "Wow!" again. My classmates applauded. They actually applauded my BS answer!

I am the Queen of BS!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Finally It Has Happened To Me

I like Diet Coke.

I went to Costco for dinner. Only Coke products. I decided to try the Diet Coke just one more time. And...

I liked it.

That's all.

Not a classic anecdote.