Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Drunk and Dialing

My sister called me tonight. My sister hardly ever calls me. So I answered it. She asked me what I was doing. I told her. She asked me again. I told her again. There wasn't anything wrong with the connection. Nope, she was "drunk and dialing." She said that she was just hanging out with the guy she married and decided to get drunk and dial. It's a fun game she plays. See, my sister is much more relaxed and honest when she's drunk. And much slower. She actually has a list of people she calls when she's drunk. And I am now on that list. "Aren't you glad that you're on my drunk and dialing list? See, I'm not like mom and dad who only calls you because they're worried about something. I call because I want to know what you're up to." In all honesty I am glad to be on her drunk and dialing list. Not only is my sister more relaxed and honest and nice, so am I. It was a pleasant conversation, but it's still just a drinking game. Sounds like a quality FHE activity to me!

Female Rage

I was listening to my Female Rage CD today in my car. It's a beautiful outlet that I had almost forgotten about. On my way home I rolled down my window, turned it up and started singing the angry girl songs and thinking to myself, "All men are..." when I looked over at the car to my right and saw him. A nasty older white man in a beat up truck with greasy red hair and an even greasier red mustache. He winked at me and kissed his lips at me and did the upward head nod thing. I turned back to face the front, clenched my steering wheel and sang louder.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


I sat in the same seat for three hours today. The same seat. There was no moving. I sat there through Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School and Relief Society. My attention span isn't long enough for that. My body can't sit still that long. And so, in Relief Society, when I was less than one hour away from freedom at 5pm and my Relief Society President informed us that there was a Stake Leadership meeting at 6pm and then named off my calling as one that was required to go, my filter was temporarily out of order and I let out an exasperated, "Gah!" I said the quiet part loud. Oops. I thought that maybe nobody heard but the girl in front of me was laughing so hard that she was crying. She looked back at me and through her tears and laughter she said, "I love you!" I don't know that girl's name. But I love her back.

I have to go to that meeting now...

Sunday, September 19, 2004

No Time to Say "Hello!" Goodbye! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

I did some calculations the other day. I'm working about 45 hours a week. I'm taking ten credit hours at BYU and putting in around another twelve hours a week in homework.

67 hours

This leaves exactly no time for things I want to do, like play with my friends. But I tend to do a bit of that anyway. Which is why I dipped into my sleep time. Which is why I'm always tired. And grumpy. Which will eventually lead me to having no friends. Which will allow me to get more sleep. Which will make me happy and cheerful again (maybe). Which just might cause me to make more friends whom I will play with instead of sleep...

Anyway, my point is, this morning I woke up grumpy and overwhelmed at the thought of all the things I didn't get done this weekend and I just wanted to go home. Or at least just lay there. Uninterrupted. All day. And just as I began to play with the thought my cell phone rang. It was my Relief Society President. Calling to remind me about the Board Meeting at 5pm (which I had conveniently forgotten) and to also tell me that I'm supposed to go to Ward Correlation at 12:45 (and every 3rd Sunday from now on). So I might as well fill the 1:45 - 5pm gap with church. Fine! Fine! I'll go! I'll go to all your meetings and classes. I'll go to work. I'll Visit Teach. I'll magnify my calling and care about the girls and remember their birthdays and call them to ask why they weren't at church. I'll do my homework and take those tests. I'll go to FHE and call my parents. I'll run my errands and pay my bills. I'll find time for my friends and for play. I'll do it! But I get to eat whatever I want and it can't snow!!! Those are my terms.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Out of the Tent

I have the internet now. In my own apartment. And cable too. Which takes away the camp-like atmosphere and the continuous desire to make S'mores and sing campfire songs. And I've missed my Blog. Sometimes things happen that totally stink but before you can get too mad you realize it's going to make a really entertaining blog and suddenly it doesn't seem so bad. Or, on the contrary, something great happens and being able to publish it on the web to really rub it in makes it all the better. Or sometimes you do something cool or embarrasing but there were no witnesses to your experience and writing it down and putting it up on the web for everybody to read seems like the only way to make an experience like that as entertaining as it was meant to be. Well, my friends, I'm not going to lie to you. You've missed a lot of cool stories while I was being kept hostage in my prehistoric cave and there really isn't time to go back and tell each one. So just laugh a little, cry a little, get a bit frustrated, eat some chocolate, feel stressed and eat a s'more on my behalf for the past few weeks...