Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I'm currently driving around a black 2006 Toyota Rav 4. My car's in the shop (you remember my little parking lot incident) and the other guy's insurance is also covering a rental for me while my little car is under the knife.

I waited for over an hour for Enterprise to drive three blocks to pick me up from the shop. And the guy felt bad. So he did something for me. With a sly smile, he said, "Insurances only cover little, compact cars but since I kept you waiting I'll upgrade you to a Rav 4 for free!"

I smiled, nodded and offered a weak thanks. Because I had no idea what he meant by "Rav 4". Then he realized that the car wasn't ready yet so he kept me waiting for another fifteen minutes.

He felt bad for making me wait again and so he gave me a quarter tank of gas for free and pointed to the Rav 4. It was beautful. And large. Very, very large. "Wow, thanks buddy. A free gas guzzler that will allow a single girl like me to fit four kids, all of their friends and enough camping gear, sporting equipment, beach stuff and snacks to last the entire summer."

"You're welcome!"

But it really is pretty. I'm more than a little bit in love. I'm searching my brain for more errands to run just so I'll have another excuse to take my new, temporary friend for a drive.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Electric

Liz was nice enough to drive me to the airport. We were about to pull out onto the road when Liz asked what that buzzing sound was. It was coming from my suitcase. I thought that maybe it was my laptop. I didn't bother going through my suitcase to turn my computer off because I figured that battery would die before we got to the airport.

When it came time to check my luggage in to the professional "chuck your bag in the hole" guys, it was still buzzing. I thought the security guys would have a problem with it. They didn't. The battery would definitely be dead before I got to Seattle.

When I got my luggage off the luggage merry-go-round, it was still buzzing. I knew for sure that it wasn't my computer because my computer wouldn't live that long. I was curious. But not enough to open my bag. Surely, by the time I got to my parents' house whatever was buzzing would be dead.

But when I got there, it was still buzzing. I opened my suitcase and found a note from the airline saying that they had searched my bag. Yeah, that's fine. But would it have been such a hassle for them to TURN OFF MY ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH while they were in there?

The Energizer Bunny was still going but he was ticked.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


I made the rounds yesterday (meaning the 3rd because it was the 4th that I started writing this blog but then couldn't finish it because I realized I read my itinerary wrong and was about to miss my plane and then when I got back to UT my internet was out until just this evening), stopping by to see some friends I hadn't gotten to see much since this week was mostly about my grandma. Even most of yesterday was spent with my family. We went to see a movie and then drove to Burien to eat at Huckleberry Square which is a restaurant my grandma used to take us to all the time. (And then we got a flat tire and had to find somebody who would put a spare on...which was also flat... and then had to drive to the shop to get it fixed.)

We didn't pull into the driveway until mid-afternoon and then I went out to see Gina and Julie and Jennifer. In that order. My last stop was at Jennifer's and we ending up talking until around 2am. When I pulled into my parents' driveway the living room light was on and I could see my dad pacing.

Where have you been?
Visiting. I saw Gina. And then I went to dinner with Julie and Lance. And then I went to Jennifer's.
I tried to call you. Why didn't you pick up?
My cell phone doesn't work in the valley. You know that.
You should have called!
I'm sorry, dad. I really am. I'm not used to checking in with anybody. But you knew I had a key and that I stay out late sometimes and that I'm TWENTY-FIVE!
I know.. I know... but I worry. Also, I did something you're not going to like...
No, dad. You didn't!
You called people?!
At this hour?
The Powells... I woke Mike up. And the Faerbers. Julie said to call her in the morning. And the Smarts. Adam seemed really worried.
I'm sorry! I worry. You remember what it was like when Judy came home for the summer. I didn't get any sleep.Even though I know you're grown and that you probably do the same stuff when you're away at college I can't help but worry when you're supposed to be HERE!
Sorry, dad. I really am. It was selfish and thoughless of me not to call. But, you're not going to wig out like this when I move to Tacoma are you?
No. It's far enough away that I won't worry like this.

My point: My dad is a really, really, really nice man. He used to do this on an almost weekly basis when I was in high school. I would get yelled at by half the ward on Sunday for not letting my dad know where I was and forcing him to call them in the middle of the night looking for me. I swear I left a note...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Red Lipstick

Today was my grandma's funeral. It was actually quite beautiful. I gave my first eulogy which also went pretty well. I was able to keep it together until the very end. I enjoyed talking about my grandma. I'm proud to be her granddaughter.One thing about my grandma was that she always wore red lipstick. Always. Even if she was just running to the grocery store, she couldn't leave the house without putting it on. My grandma loved the color red. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that her name is Ruby. Or maybe it's just the color that best matches her personality since she was very lively, outgoing and charismatic. There are four tubes of lipstick on my grandma's dresser. Rare Ruby. Regency Red. Berry Berry Moist. And Red. Today I borrowed Rare Ruby to wear her trademark during the ceremony. I don't think I pulled it off as well as she did but I gave it my best. My grandmother was beautiful. Here are some pictures of her...

as a beautiful baby...
as a high school grad...
with my Grandpa Wayne...
and the grandma I remember...