Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tear Free

I need to cry.  I have that tight feeling in my chest matched with the mild but ever-present headache residing at the nape of the neck and mid-forehead as well as the burning eyes and tight throat.  It's like when you need to sneeze and even though you don't really want to sneeze, it's way better than holding it in and it's kind of upsetting if it never comes because... man... you needed that release.  Just like that dumb volcano in Alaska that everybody's been freaking out about because it's going to blow at any moment and then it didn't for weeks and weeks.  Then finally it gave a few puffs over a few days and that was it.  How disappointing.  And I'm disappointed.  Because all of the signs are there but I just can't cry.  No release.  I have reasons to cry.  I'm upset about them.  I'm sad about them.  I'm kind of mad about them.  But there's no release.  Maybe I put it off for too long.  No time to cry now, much too busy!  I can't cry yet, the trial's not even over yet.  I can't cry now, people will know.  And now after all that waiting, I can't cry at all.  I put on my sad songs, took in the crap, processed the garbage and feel I understand my predicament.  It's not awesome.  But even with that... no tears.  And now that I've typed this... I'm kind of over it.  Kind of.

P.S.  I just got a call that I have to pick up my mom.  Nope... still nothin'.  :)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There are two types of runners.  

There are the runners that run for the joy of running, hope and exploration.  

Then there are the runners that run to escape pain either real, perceived or potential.  

As much as I wish I were type A, I think we all know that I'm the latter.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Also, this particular episode is one of my favorites.  I'm just saying.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Facts

I dyed my hair.  It's dark.
I'm totally pumped that Griffey is back and equally bummed that Opening Night is sold out.
My mom gave me poster board to make my brother a welcome home sign.  He doesn't come home until MAY!
The woman who did my makeup at Dior has twin girls who are named Paris and Dior.  No joke.  I promise never to name any children after my place of business.  There will be no future
 McMickens running around unless I open up my own McDonald's and name a new sandwich.  Or maybe McMickens would be bite-sized Chicken McNuggets.
I had a shopping day with Kari and it was awesome!
A kid I used to pick up in nursery when I was like twelve showed up in my single's ward today.   I smiled, shook his hand and welcomed him but I cried a little bit inside.  When did I get so old?
I watch TV with the Closed Caption on even when Wayne's not here.  Partly because I feel like I miss something when it's not on and partly because I don't know how to turn it off.
I only have one week left before Spring Break and I am so very excited!  I'm not, however, excited about the mountain of paperwork I have to get in beforehand.
But after the paperwork?  Only awesomeness!  I have already burned a few books on CD for the road trip down to Utah.  I can't wait to see My Loves again!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I met a guy last Friday who claims he can read auras. Apparently mine is yellow. Bright yellow. So some other newly aware aura sporters and myself looked up what our colors meant on the internet. Mine can be found here. Whatever. It's not like I needed one more person (or the internet) telling me I'm a child. I ran around Disneyland like a six-year-old on Pixie Stix. If I didn't have the right amount of peer pressure, I'd live in a fort made of blankets, watch Disney movies and play Nintendo all day and live off of Cheetos and pizza.

The occupations I also found amusing because deep down I feel like I was supposed to be a drummer. Maybe I really was meant to be Blade of Table Nine. Think it's too late?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At Least It Wasn't Raining

You wanna know what's not awesome?  Walking over a mile to my sister's house... uphill... without a jacket... in my torn pajama bottoms... on wet dirt... in my socks... carrying a 12 lb dog... because when the "sign-my-paper" dude came to the door and the dogs flipped out and one escaped so I ran after him and closed the door behind me so the other one wouldn't escape but, of course, did this all about a whole millisecond before I realized my keys and my cell phone were in the house and my door is always locked so that crazy people can't just walk in.  Crazy people like me!!  So the "sign-the-paper" dude watched the circus, had me sign the paper and then seriously started to walk away before I said, "Uh... think I could use your phone?"  So he walked to his apartment and brought back a cell phone.  But you know what?  I only know one number.  My parents' number.  The same number I memorized before entering preschool in case I got lost or abducted or smart enough to run away and start prank calling.  So I called that number.  And nobody was home.  So I left a message that sounded a lot like this, "Hi Dad.  It's me, Emily.  I'm locked out of my condo so would you please come bring me the key as soon as you get this message?  I'll be waiting.  Oh, I don't have shoes.  So... I won't be going anywhere.  Please hurry."  The "sign-my-paper" dude listened as I left the pathetic message, asked if I had someplace to wait and then when I said I had a sister a mile up the hill but I wouldn't be going there because I'm in socks he smiled and walked away.  So the trek to my sister's began.  

But... at least it wasn't raining.  And I only had to carry one dog instead of both.  Also, the bedroom window I was scared was weak enough to give way with a slight nudge holds up a lot better than I thought.  So, there's that.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yeah, we really were having that much fun.

See, there's at least one other person who knows how to rock St. Patrick's Day.