Sunday, January 08, 2006

Text Messaging

I went through some of my old text messages in my phone. Just a few...

"Love you" - Judy
"Blood test normal, waiting on the poop." - Julie
"Darn tootin" - Jay
"wow that sounds awesome. (...not)" - Wayne
"This guy is a serious loser." - Julie
"Taking vowels out of words doesn't ALWAYS make them cool." - Jon
"One time i rocked so hard i killed a man!" - Heather
"Grab me some tots" - Julie (when I was driving through Idaho)
"You smell like poo." - Leah
"You are the pizza crust beneath my tomato sauce." - Jon
"Boys smell weird. And they never call when they should. Let's get rid of them all, or keep them. I can never decide." - Heather
"I have no clue maybe the northwest pigeons" - Judy (when I asked her what gang my cousin belonged to)
"I have a belly button." - Caroline
"I miss your crazy ass!" - Leah
"Take a wack at weaser" - Sandy
"I hate you" - Jay


Jon said...

My favorite text message that I've sent to you was, "You're the root in my beer."

Nessa said...

My favorite is "Good booty always wins." -Little Richard

Em said...

i liked that one too! but i already had you up on the board twice... :o)

Jon said...

Julie's up there three times!

Nama said...

my fav from you was "suck it!" when i asked for a ride home and all my classmates felt sorry for me.

Heather said...

The best part about mine is that I can remember sending you the text, but I can't remember which boy I wanted to get rid of.

kat said...

i don't text message.
but if i did, i'd prob'ly send you something like, "u r gr8" or "let's c a flick l8r" or "i m 2 bz 2 c u, k?" or maybe just, "hollah!!".

which is why i don't text message.