Thursday, September 21, 2006

Open House

So tonight was our middle school's Open House. Only five (out of 27) of my parents came. One almost broke into tears with concern over her son. One was completely irrate because she felt I wasn't doing enough (remember that school barely started) even though I don't even teach her daughter. One diagnosed ME as ADHD.

"So, your son is actually making good progress. I've been..."
"You have ADHD."
"You have ADHD."
"Haha... well, maybe. I hate to sit still! Hahaha."
"No, really. You have ADHD."
"You talk fast and I've been watching you. Your feet are always moving and when you talk you move your hands."
"Well, I'm kind of nervous which is why me feet are fidgity. And my little brother is Deaf so I sign a lot and now I have the annoying habit of moving my hands when I talk. But I can sit still if I will myself to and I have excellent focus... so..."
"You have ADHD."
"Sigh... Ok."

That was the first time I went to an informal IEP meeting and walked away with as the diagnosee.

Side Note: I was at work by 7am and didn't leave until 9:30pm. I got yelled at by my partner teacher/mentor twice for things that were out of my immediate control. My alarm didn't go off when it was supposed to. My car didn't start up right away when I left work tonight. I hate my life.

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Nama said...

takes one to know one...wanna go ride a bike!?