Sunday, September 12, 2004

Out of the Tent

I have the internet now. In my own apartment. And cable too. Which takes away the camp-like atmosphere and the continuous desire to make S'mores and sing campfire songs. And I've missed my Blog. Sometimes things happen that totally stink but before you can get too mad you realize it's going to make a really entertaining blog and suddenly it doesn't seem so bad. Or, on the contrary, something great happens and being able to publish it on the web to really rub it in makes it all the better. Or sometimes you do something cool or embarrasing but there were no witnesses to your experience and writing it down and putting it up on the web for everybody to read seems like the only way to make an experience like that as entertaining as it was meant to be. Well, my friends, I'm not going to lie to you. You've missed a lot of cool stories while I was being kept hostage in my prehistoric cave and there really isn't time to go back and tell each one. So just laugh a little, cry a little, get a bit frustrated, eat some chocolate, feel stressed and eat a s'more on my behalf for the past few weeks...

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