Friday, February 17, 2006

My Mental Health

It's bad. Real bad.
Last night I discussed for over 45 minutes the lives of several?fictional characters in detail with concern and compassion I hold for?few real characters I see every day.
I swear in shock and dismay at the same time every day as I turn the?corner after my lunch break to see a spot that could easily fit two?parallel parked cars holding the same single teal Geo leaving just?enough space for my car on either end of it if my car didn't have any?bumpers forcing me to park a block away since the parking lot is also?full and this poor parallel parking displayed by the Geo is apparantly?an epidemic.
Although my teaching schedule usually runs with military accuracy I?keep picking up my students and dismissing them at random and very?wrong times leading up to today where I dismissed three young students?almost an hour early.
I whined and complained for two weeks that I didn't have any money and?saw everything I needed and couldn't afford and yet I haven't spent a?single dime since I got paid three days ago and suddenly lost all?desire to purchase anything which left me sitting in my basement alone?eating stale tortilla chips and ignoring the "refrigerate after?opening" label on the salsa I opened four days ago and left on my?basement table as I watched old seasons of the Gilmore Girls.
I have spent a great deal cussing out Old Man Winter and his stupid?snow, stupid ice and stupid cold and have even a few times shaken my?fists with rage as I pictured him on a beach drinking Martinis and?laughing with ET and a few of Santa's disgruntled elves as they?watched me scrape ice off my window.
The staggering evidence of my poor mental health leads me to only one?dash of hope. This weekend is a three-day weekend. I need heat, I?need love, I need sanity. I need, I need, I need!

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