Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stupid Rodent!

The dumb thing saw its shadow! Six more weeks of
winter. But, really... what did we expect? Out of
the 110 recorded Punxsutawney Phil appearances he has
seen his shadow 96 times. So, 87% of the time he just
guesses that there'll be six more weeks of winter.

AND! Apparantly the furry freak is a Steeler's fan!

Well, at least the movie's good.


kat said...

wait. so... seeing its shadow is bad?
i don't really remember.
guess i'll definitely have to come and watch the movie now.

Nama said...

i don't trust no stinking rodent to predict weather! that's why we have weather man!

Anonymous said...

I just feel bad for the rodent. I've been scared of lots of things, but imagine always being scared of your shadow.
You just can't get away from it!

Nessa said...

That stupid rodent should just move to Arizona. The weather's freaking gorgeous here.