Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Drive Carefully

On opening day this is the picture I found worthy of forcing my brother to hang out the window of our parents' giant blue van to photograph. It's also the picture that I don't regret even after the window got stuck in the down position and resulted in a very long, very cold and very wet ride back to Renton.

It was worth it. Right?


Nama said...

look at them! they're flailing!

Jay said...

the original design had spiderman swinging in and rescuing a kid.

at least, my original design had that.

Heather said...

For some reason in my head this seems like a seminary video, on a traffic sign.

and in the back of my head the song "Warm me Don't Burn Me.." is playing.

Nessa said...

I mighta just peed a little bit.

caroline said...

so are they running to get out of the way, or is this after they've been hit?
either way...it was definitely worth it.