Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pillow to Parking Lot

I woke up this morning on my own. My bedroom was filled with light and I lazily looked at my cell phone/alarm clock.


I blinked a couple of times and looked again.


It couldn't be! I had set my alarm for 6:20am. I was supposed to be at the University Mall Parking Lot at 7:30am. I jumped out of bed, pulled on some clothes from my floor, brushed my teeth, grabbed my make-up bag, conference bag and slipped on my shoes as I ran out the door.

I drove as quickly as I dared and pulled into my parking space at... 7:36am.

NINE MINUTES from pillow to parking lot. Nine.

I brushed my hair as the last carpooler came into view. And then we were off. My make-up was done before we hit the freeway and 45 minutes later I was in the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City listening to some boring presentation about ELL, DIBELS and IEPs.

Nine minutes! I'm speedy. Really speedy.

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Nicole said...

Nine minutes? You are good. I can't get out of the house in less than 20-30 minutes, but I have two kids to get out the door too!! I don't think I could've done 9 minutes though even in my single childless days. Congrats to you! Oh, and when I am hotel bound I ALWAYS opt for an alarm and a wake up call. Oh, and my cell phone alarm...:)