Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Facts

I dyed my hair.  It's dark.
I'm totally pumped that Griffey is back and equally bummed that Opening Night is sold out.
My mom gave me poster board to make my brother a welcome home sign.  He doesn't come home until MAY!
The woman who did my makeup at Dior has twin girls who are named Paris and Dior.  No joke.  I promise never to name any children after my place of business.  There will be no future
 McMickens running around unless I open up my own McDonald's and name a new sandwich.  Or maybe McMickens would be bite-sized Chicken McNuggets.
I had a shopping day with Kari and it was awesome!
A kid I used to pick up in nursery when I was like twelve showed up in my single's ward today.   I smiled, shook his hand and welcomed him but I cried a little bit inside.  When did I get so old?
I watch TV with the Closed Caption on even when Wayne's not here.  Partly because I feel like I miss something when it's not on and partly because I don't know how to turn it off.
I only have one week left before Spring Break and I am so very excited!  I'm not, however, excited about the mountain of paperwork I have to get in beforehand.
But after the paperwork?  Only awesomeness!  I have already burned a few books on CD for the road trip down to Utah.  I can't wait to see My Loves again!!

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The Kenyons said...

I Love your hair! And your monkey blog! And that you get to go to Utah to visit some friends! :) I hope you have fun!