Saturday, October 18, 2003

Day Three

My sister's new hobby is text messaging me on my cell phone. My sister and I haven't been all that close. At least not since I was seven and she tried to kill me at my cousin's house. She's also six years older than I am and our interests never really blended that well. She was into bongs when I was into Barbies. And our likes and dislikes didn't mesh either. Apparantly she really likes hospitals; I have a deep seeded phobia of them. We're not the kind of sisters that excitedly hug when we see eachother or the kind that call each other all the time. She has her life and I have mine. And quite frankly they're polar opposites.

She's only tried to contact me six times in the over four years I've been away. Four times to tell me to buy Christmas presents and put her name on them for the parents. And twice to try to get me to move home because things weren't right at home and she wanted me to come clean up.

And now she's taken to text messaging. Over and over with the same theme. "When are moving home?" At first I joked about it and responded back, "I'm thinking about moving home in December of two thousand and NEVER!" But she kept asking and asking. I thought that maybe something was going on at home that my dad wasn't telling me. Maybe my mom had hit bottom again even though she sounded fine on the phone the MILLIONS of times she calls me now. I asked my dad about it and he talked to my sister. Apparantly she wants me home because... she misses me.

He said she wants me there for her wedding and when she starts having kids. She wants me there to be her friend and an aunt to her children.

Well, this is new.

And now I'm left to decide. Is this just another mind game? Or is she serious? And if she is serious, do I act upon her request? I do love Seattle. And as much as I love Provo and all the people here... they're leaving in April. Soon, I'll have no place here. I'll be homeless again.

So, do I move back and hope it's better? Just be an adult and put it all behind me? Or maybe I'm with Joe. "I don't have any people of my own, Cheif. I'm my only hope for a hero."

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