Friday, November 18, 2005


Tomorrow morning at 8am (I think) I'll be taking a one or two (maybe
three?) hour test comprising of written and multiple choice questions
(I'm pretty sure) that will determine whether or not I will be a
licensed teacher for the coming school year.

If I don't pass, then the last year and a half will have been for
nought. And I'll just be out the over $15,000.

And yet, I'm not worried. I haven't even begun to study. Mostly
because I'm lazy and have lost the will to go on. Partly because my
professors keep saying it's no big deal.

I should probably at least make sure I know when the test starts...
that would be good.


Em said...

It starts at 7:30am. I think I may have been wrong about the multiple choice part. It's only an hour. Huh.

Jay said...

I'm sure your pre-study Harry Potter movie break will help you during the test. It's helped me in my studying.