Friday, November 18, 2005

It's So Extreme!

I have Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, two dance pads and a drive to
win! My memory card got corrupted somehow and I lost all of the
scores, characters and new songs I had gained over the last summer.
So, last Friday I bought a new memory card and started dancing my
heart out! I have put in about eleven hours of dance time on that
thing since then. I only have one character left.

This weekend... it's mine!


Nessa said...

Shake shake shake,
Shake shake shake,
Shake your booty,
Shake your booty.

Erika said...

everything's better when it's to the EXTREME

Nama said...

not as extreme as sitting in the byu-utah after-game traffic when we weren't even AT the game...WOOOOHOOO!!

Kirsten said...

I am sooo envious. I got hooked at an arcade this summer and have wanted ddr ever since. you are sooo lucky.

Chester B. said...

That happens to OUR memory card every once in a while too!

It's kinda frustrating, but kinda fun every time it happens because you get to start all over again!

It's the gift that keeps giving, really.

Emily Allan said...

I know the pain of this type of loss. I shed tears for you.