Thursday, March 02, 2006


Last night I dreamed that I was a waitress. A brand new to the job sort of waitress. I had no idea what was on the menu, what drinks we offered or where the kitchen was.

I came in and was directed to serve a table by the wall. There was a young couple there. I asked them if I could get them something to drink. The guy started to talk and ordered what sounded like five drinks, although he got frustrated when I didn't know when the name of one drink ended and another started. I decided to just write it down and ask a kitchen staff person once I found it.

I turned to find the kitchen, turned back to the table for just a moment and realized that four more people were there. I decided to take their drinks down so I could get them all at once. Got the orders, turned for a moment and five more people were there.

By the end of the dream, the table was as long as a banquet hall and it was filled with angry customers. I couldn't get the orders down right, I kept losing the little slips of paper which would fall to the floor and then disappear, people at one end of the table would take forever deciding while people on the opposite end grew restless.

I didn't fill a single order all night and I'll bet that if I had stayed around long enough my tip would have been a bucket of tar and feathers.

I'm not a great dream analyzer. But I don't think I need to be. The message of this dream is clear.

I should never be a waitress.


Jon said...

That's a really interesting dream.
I wish I had dreams like that.
I wish I had dreams.

Spliz said...

when i was a waitress I had this dream ALL THE TIME.