Monday, February 02, 2004


I got in a car accident tonight. Ya, it was definitely my fault and my car is definitely not pretty. And as sad and pitiful as it all is... I pretty much had it coming.

Because, you see, we all know that tragedies/pains come in threes. So, after Little James told me his heart wrenching story about what happens at home on Thursday, and after I hurt my foot earlier this week and hobbled my way through the weekend, it only made sense that I needed one more kick in the pants to make my tragedy trio complete.

I can only be thankful that nobody was hurt even though my car was full of passengers. That at least it was my car that got injured because it's insured and that I was not because my body is not insured. And that both the officer and the driver of the other car were kind and gracious even though I'm a complete moron and was not in possession of a drivers' license or proof of insurance.

Also, further proof that things are only bound to get better after that point of impact... I did not swear when it happened (even though many of you know that Em behind the wheel is really my grandma who can't help it because she was "raised on a farm") and no tears were shed (even though I'm terrified of police officers and happen to be allergic to car accidents). Also, shortly after I got home I was given pie a la mode, cookies and the taped American Idol from earlier tonight. See? Life is better already now that the Tragic Trio has completed it's vicious cycle.

Hurray for life after the impact!

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