Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Ferries and Fires

The Lunsfords were all together for the holidays at their cabin on ">Lopez Island. I arrived in Seattle at noon. Left the airport around 12:45, got to church a little after 1pm, stayed for Sacrament meeting, hopped in the van and drove up to Anacortes to catch the ferry. An hour or so later I was in the cabin with my pseudo family. And I was happy. I went kayaking around the island. And I was happier. They fed me salmon and twice-baked potatoes. And I was even happier. We all loaded into our trucks, cars and vans and headed over to the part of the island where they'd be setting off fireworks. We put out our blankets and chairs and settled in for the show. The show began with a few fancy fireworks but within the first couple minutes of the show, the fireworks became just fire! It was the second year in a row that this had happened and so we joined the others, packed up our things and headed back to our cabin. We set off a few of our own fireworks on the beach. And I was happy. The next morning we got up early to catch the 8:50am ferry back to Anacortes. They were letting 90 cars on. I was car number 185. The next ferry came around noon. They let 94 cars on. The next ferry was supposed to come at 2pm. But it didn't. Because some guy flipped his car in reverse instead of drive back in Anacortes and backed up the ferries for a while. I was dealing with ferries for 7.5 hours. But I had a van full of my pseudo relatives. So I was happy.

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