Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dude, Where's My Car?

Remember that one time that I thought my car was stolen? And I called the police and reported it? And then I realized that the last time I had driven it was on Friday when I drove to work and then a co-worker drove me to Salt Lake for a convention which ended early so I called Kat and she drove me home? And so my car was still at work? And not stolen? And so I had to call the police back and report my car un-stolen?

Top ten places for auto theft
Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau

1. Modesto, Calif.
2. Las Vegas/Paradise, Nev.
3. Stockton, Calif.
4. Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale, Ariz.
5. Visalia/Porterville, Calif.
6. Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue, Wash.
7. Sacramento/Arden-Arcade/Roseville, Calif.
8. San Diego/Carlsbad/San Marcos, Calif.
9. Fresno, Calif.
10. Yakima, Wash.

Please notice number six.

Good thing my car is worth less than the metal that's holding it together...

1 comment:

Nama said...

hey, look at the bright side! at least it's not THE worst...so that should give the thieves AT LEAST a few days to steal your car.