Saturday, May 06, 2006

If You Only Make Left Turns...

... you end up right where you started!

Gosh, I hate that commercial. It's insulting. It actually makes me angry. I don't know if that's what Nissan intended (I think that's the company with that commercial... it's hard to tell when my eyes are tearing up with rage) but that's what they got.

But it does remind me of the Left/Right Game that my friends and I would play when we were in high school. The game was simple. We'd drive to a random spot in an unfamiliar area and then start taking every non-dead end turn alternating right and left. Then, every 10th turn we'd stop and take a picture or toilet paper or, if the place was too sketchy, we'd keep driving. We had a good time away from our homes, exploring new areas and scoping out new restaurants and parks. We took silly pictures, talked about our teenage lives and car-danced and sang along to the songs of the day.

But even five stupid teenagers knew we had to alternate right and left turns because if you only take left turns it makes for a very short evening.

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