Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm Not Even In Here

I cracked in the first 48 hours and resorted to some old tricks. Mainly hiding in the bathroom, random bedrooms between the wall and the bed and behind storage boxes in the garage ("Just looking for my old books!"). Not much slows down my mother, though. Even the ol' bathroom trick doesn't cut it since she doesn't hesitate to walk in even if you're on the toilet or in the shower. I relearned to lock the door. Now she knocks and knocks and knocks. Rattles the handle. Knocks some more. "Emily? Are you in there?"
"Emily, I know that one! What're you doing in there?"
"I'm quilting mom... I'll be out in a second!"

I just need some time. And some space. And maybe some sleeping pills. And money. And an invisibility cloak. And maybe the ability to fly or at least levitate above eye level. And probably a certified therapist.


Nessa said...

Go stay at the local homeless shelter. Or run away completely and come stay with me.

Brandi Ann said...

Oh where , Oh where has our favorite Em gone? Oh where,Oh where can she be?