Monday, May 08, 2006

Little Bugs

One of my students told me I had "piojos." It's Spanish for lice. I didn't know that. But I figured it out. Without the Spanish to English dictionary.

It was weird because my head wasn't itchy and I hadn't noticed any moving parts but I do work in a school where lice would run rampant and the girl that told me I had piojos went on and on about how everybody in her family had it. And the other twelve-year-old in the room didn't seem so shocked about the whole thing either. Everybody has it.

So I panicked and ran to ShopKo to buy pesticide for my head. But couldn't find it so I had to ask the pharmacist where it was. And he yelled to the back, "We got lice! Where's the shampoo?" And then whispered a quick apology, "Sorry... I probably shouldn't have yelled that."

I bought the three step kit. Just so you know, you need $20 to get rid of head bugs.

I came home and started the long process. Step one: wash your hair with nasty smelling, oily shampoo. Step two: use special comb and gel-like oily stuff to rake out all of the dead bugs and eggs. It reminded me that I should have a few paper towels on hand to wipe the comb clean and collect the colony.

Except... nothing came out of my hair. Nothing at all. Well, a little piece of green fuzz from my towel came out once but no bugs. Not an egg. Nothing. No lice. Lice free.

No tengo piojos.

That's the last time I listen to a twelve-year-old giving me free health examinations...


Erika said...

I got lice when I was 19. I never saw real bugs and my head didn't itch either. And the dumb combs really don't work. You need to have someone go through your head and examine every strand for nits. i.e. "nit picking". The best way to get rid of a nit is to just pull out the strand. Believe me. Oh, and flashlights make lice hide.
I hate lice. I feel your pain. On second thought, just shave your head. It's just easier.

Ann-Marie said...'re embarazada (that's spanish for pregnant). hurry go get a pregnancy test! :)