Wednesday, March 10, 2004

One More?

A conversation I had with one of my first-grader friends at recess today...

Little Boy: How come only people who belong at Wasatch are allowed on the playground at recess time?
Me: To make sure everybody is safe.
Little Boy: How come not just anybody can be here?
Me: Because we want to make sure we know the people that are around you kids. Remember R.A.D. Kids? (A self defense class they teach at Wasatch) We want to make sure that the people around you are good so nobody tries to steal you.
Little Boy: What about that lady over there? (He points to a lady with a small dog on the playground.)
Me: I know her. She's a good lady. As long as I know who they are, it's fine.
Little Boy: Ya, she's good. She has a kid that goes here.
Me: Yep.
Little Boy: Ya, she already has a kid so you know she wouldn't want to steal one of us! Who would want one more??
Me: Good point.

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