Wednesday, November 19, 2003


I only ate one candy cane today. (Mostly because I was sick but still... give me some credit here...)
My parents didn't call today. (The second day in a row!)
I took a nap. (I think this was the second one this year.)
I didn't wear any makeup today. (Just something I forgot to do today...)

Miracle of the Day

Caroline dropped off muffins for breakfast and Mrs. Ord bought me lunch. This counts as a miracle because they were both kind to me for no apparant reason and also because I have zero food in my cupboards and their kindness was the only reason I ate before 4:30pm for the first time this week. (But don't worry. I now have half of a very large vegetable pizza in my fridge. Yes... only half... but sadly enough me eating half of a pizza wasn't part of the miracle...)

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