Saturday, November 01, 2003

One Giant Step

Yep, I finally did it. After months of whining and trying to decide if it was worth it, I finally signed up to take the GRE. One-hundred and thirty dollars is a lot to pay for test score that will most likely get me no where but, hey, who am I to take away the opportunity for the test scorers to have a good laugh? And since I have signed up to take the test and realize that the test date of December 13th is really not that far off, I have begun the studying process. In the beginning stages of this process I have realized that I have forgotten several important items of information from my undergraduate experience.
Just a few...
1) I'm not smart.
2) I'm not a good test taker.
3) It really is important to have a "lucky" pencil.
4) Studying apparantly doesn't help all that much.
5) I'm in big, big trouble.

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